On the 2nd Anniversary of Dehray

Time flies, years flow, things are changing,

The 27th of August, 2020, the 2nd anniversary of DEHRAY!

Looking back on the past, there is too much sweat and moving

For the two years, what has DEHRAY achieved?

Here is Technology and Innovation.

DEHRAY has carried out profound research in diesel engines, intelligent electrical control, inverter technology and other fields. The company is committed to the development of patented technologies with DEHRAY's own intellectual property rights. We have an experienced professional team in technology research and development. Under the joint efforts of all technical personnel, we built a high-tech research and development center.





Here is profession and dedication.

Manufacture with heart. DEHRAY always put product quality the first priority, constantly upgrade production equipment, improve craftsmanship and technology, and keep a lean production.







Here is teamwork and cooperation.

DEHRAY has a management team of high quality and high cohesion, and also an experienced sales team. The core personnel have more than ten years of experience in engine and generator industry, with rich experience in both philosophy and practice.




Here is attention and discretion

DEHRAY has established a complete service system, providing comprehensive after-sales technical service support and professional technical service training. No matter before or after sales, we try our best to provide better service to solve customers' concerns at home.





Here is passion and commitment






Here is enterprise spirit of perseverance

Vision, mission and values

Vision: To be a global leading manufacturer of complete power systems by enhancing quality and value.

Mission: To continuously improve products and services, continuously provide customers with valuable experience beyond their expectations, and contribute to a better life.

Values: Integrity, cooperation, focus, creation, innovation


Here are honors and expectations

These glorious honors are both affirmation and encouragement, pushing DEHRAY team to continue to pursue their dreams, and strive to be the first to realize the high-quality development of the company.





Here is customer trust and support

In order to promote the realization of the company's strategy and business objectives, DEHRAY has made every effort to expand domestic and overseas markets, strengthen customer relationship management, and participate in professional exhibitions, so as to further enhance the brand influence and competitiveness of DEHRAY in the international markets.






Develop, innovate and compete,

This is a growing DEHRAY day by day,

This is DEHRAY we deeply love and are proud of!

Two years old, DEHRAY is young,

We forge ahead, we go beyond,

We never forget who we were, and we move on.

Looking forward to the future, we have more expectations and dreams.



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